„Lean Construction Managment“

WBRE offers technical due diligence 'from a single source' - together with our long-term partners we pursue an interdisciplinary approach across all trades. The careful technical condition assessment of investment, repair backlogs as well as deficiencies of a property is carried out with the identification of opportunities and risks as well as the associated financial expenses. In our assessments, we draw on a wide range of experience in the field of building renovation, thereby minimizing surprising additional costs. We are currently implementing lean construction measures in our project The FLAG Business in Frankfurt. By taking a holistic view of planning and execution processes, we are able to organize the entire process and manage it with foresight.

As a result, the needs of the client can be better met, waste can be reduced, and risks, obstructions and disruptions can be avoided through early detection. The use of the Lean Construction tool "Last-Planner-System" enables us to enforce the previously mentioned goals. The Last-Planner-System is a way of project management in which this construction-specific method actively involves all partners involved in the construction and is based on joint communication and direct coordination.

With the help of a board planning system, we can define deadlines accordingly in regular consultation meetings with the general contractor, as well as set milestones in individual project sections and between the trades. To support sales, our team develops a product design that serves as the basis for finding users or buyers. Through targeted public relations work and citizen participation, we ensure the greatest possible acceptance of the project.


  • Document examination
  • Object inspection
  • Risk assessment