Management of the AHO project phases 2-5

AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

TEK TO NIK Architekten & Generalplaner GmbH

approx. 14.500m2

Completion April 2023

Award procedure:
Involvement of a general contractor   for cost and schedule security and for planning and construction optimization, then general contractor award of contract

The existing building Biebergasse 6-10 / Börsenplatz 7-11, in Frankfurt am Main was built between 1966 and 1969. The new building above ground is divided into 3 components on a site area of approx. 2,900m² with two inner courtyards and 6-7 floors. The 3 basement levels will be retained in the existing building. The planned cubature is based on the existing building, extended by a two-storey staggered storey.

On the ground floor and 1st floor, space is planned for 4 large-scale retail outlets and a restaurant area facing the stock exchange square.

On the remaining upper floors, office space with conference and meeting rooms with modern, very high quality and sustainable equipment concepts are planned. The two street facades will feature an elaborate 3D natural stone and glass facade.


After completion of the performance phase 2, the company LUPP (general contractor) was assigned with the Pre Construction Phase. The background of the early involvement of a general contractor was to generate cost and schedule certainty at an early stage. The aim of this pre-construction phase was also to incorporate optimization proposals from the general contractor directly into the planning during service phase 3. At the handover of service phase 3 AXA IM receives a priced functional service description of the individual cost groups with a binding lump sum offer for the construction and completion of the building project including outstanding planning expenses.

Subsequently it is AXA IM's responsibility to accept the offer or to obtain further lump sum offers from other general contractors and to commission them if necessary.