Hartwicusstraße 5

Project management

Hartwicusstrße 5 GmbH c/o ZENK Rechtsanwälte

In-house management


Completion 2020

Award procedure:
Individual reward

The main structural measures consist of the construction of a new elevator system including a roofing in the inner courtyard as well as new enlarged balconies to the garden side.

The elevator in the inner courtyard will be designed as an outdoor elevator in its own thermally insulated shaft frame with connection to the outer facade and in parts made of glass elements. Extended weather protection is provided by a new roofing system using an elevated monopitch roof made of a galvanized steel structure and overhead glazing.

Due to their poor condition, the existing cantilevered balconies will be replaced with new enlarged balconies in a hot-dip galvanized color-coated steel construction in an add-on system.

The facade will receive a new coat of paint, whereby the street frontage with valuable stucco elements and, in addition to findings of investigations, will receive increased attention in the restoration. The window elements will be completely replaced in accordance with the original state of the divisions and offset in color to the facade.

The areas on the first floor mezzanine and 1st to 3rd floors will be converted into high-quality apartments while retaining the floor plans. The restoration of stucco profiles in the ceiling/wall area with decorative ornaments as well as the partial preservation of the old parquet and plank floors and lining/cladding of the windows and doors will be combined with modern elements in the bathrooms and in the entrance area.