Telekom Zentrale

Service Development



approx. 44.000m²

Completion 2017

Award procedure:

The new "Telekom Campus" combines the aspects of architectural design, structural and functional execution and sustainable ecological as well as social user-specific requirements.

In a construction period of only 24 months, a modern, future-oriented administration building for more than 2,000 people was created. The typology of the nine-story structure was developed from the requirement to be able to represent equivalent functionalities in the entire building. This is reflected in the floor plan structure in the form of a double comb building with four symmetrically arranged courtyards. The office workplaces are located on the upper floors, while the first floor houses the special uses such as employee restaurant, café/lounge areas and conference zones. A well thought-out energy concept and efficient building services optimize the overall energy balance of the building, which is LEED Gold certified.