Amazon Headquarter

New construction of an office building with retail and gastronomy use

ARGENTA Internationale Anlagegesellschaft

GSP Architekten Munich

Total: 56.000 m²

1. Quarter 2024

Awarding procedure:
package award

On the former industrial site in the Parkstadt Schwabing in the north of Munich, the new headquarters of the American online retailer Amazon are being built. The client, ARGENTA, is the owner of the existing building, to keep buildings flexible for several generations of generations of users. Project developments must therefore be planned and planned and executed to retain their value from the outset. For the facade design materials, such as natural stone from the from the region, are used. In addition, a facade system with a recycled aluminum content of 70% is is used. The constant technological progress in the field of of ecological construction offers promising solutions for a sustainable for a sustainable reduction in resource consumption and CO₂ emissions. For the production of the building shell hollow core slabs are planned and installed to significantly reduce the use of significantly reduce the use of concrete. The Amazon headquarters is the second headquarters for a Microsoft's headquarters, the Amazon headquarters is the second headquarters for an IT group, that WBRE is realizing in Munich for ARGENTA. Planning and execution are carried out in close coordination with the user Amazon, which is developing the office space itself. The 56,000 m² office building will be completed will be completed in a total construction 30 months - from the groundbreaking ceremony to the start of operations - realized.