For six years now, BIM World in Munich has been a trendsetter and leading networking platform for national and international players in the digitization of the construction, real estate and urban development industries. 2022 we were represented with our own booth and presented our individual digital solutions.



With BIM 4D we visualize and manage construction projects in 3D and 4D. We create a schedule for the planning phase, monitor implementation and avoid delays. BIM 4D also allows us to realistically simulate and visualize construction phases to assess how the different phases of the project mesh.


BIM 5D makes it possible to link 3D models with further information. In addition to the 3D geometries, the 5D model also contains cost and time information linked to the model objects. With BIM 5D, cost and schedule are planned, controlled and monitored in advance.



With AR (augmented reality), we enable project participants to view 3D models and constructions in real time on a mobile device or VR (virtual reality) glasses. This technology can be used to overlay virtual models with reality on site to visualize construction progress or complex designs, among other things, and to simplify decision-making.


We offer our customers an individual Common Data Environment (CDE) for a wide range of applications, which serves as a central platform for collaboration and management of project data. With our CDE, many tasks are digitally centralized and visualized online. These include: Creating and managing project documents, tracking process changes, providing project information and reporting, multi-user collaboration, and report authoring.