Coastal Competence Center

LPH 6-9

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

Reiner Becker Architects


Completion 2017

Award procedure:
Individual reward

In Geesthacht, the Institute for Materials Research, the Institute for Polymer Research and the Institute for Coastal Research are located on a grown campus-like area.

With a comprehensive restructuring of the institute, with the establishment of new research topics and a shift of the research focus, the research buildings are to be adapted to the current state of the art and to open up more to an external, public user clientele. In the first phase presented here, urban repair is the first priority. The existing structure will be supplemented and significantly changed in two places. The laboratory addition to Building 14 and the new development north of Building 11 are the two building blocks that define this campus. The extension to Building 14 fulfills two functions in terms of urban development. On the one hand, its new architectural form defines the future architectural language on the campus; on the other hand, its position creates a visible address to Max-Planck-Strasse. As if by chance, this new building forms a gateway situation in interaction with its counterpart, Building 11; the entrance to the Campus for Coastal Research.

The design of the facades creates the nucleus for the creation of a corporate identity for the buildings of the HZG research center in Geesthacht. The materials used for the new facades but also for the open spaces are based on the existing. Thus, clinker and concrete can be used - in the exterior wood will play an important role.