"Every construction project is unique for us".

The task of construction management is - in addition to project management services - to ensure the smooth implementation of your construction project in close cooperation with the architect, the specialist planners and the companies.

In addition to specialist knowledge, our team is distinguished by personal skills such as leadership, motivational talent and a feel for the strengths of individual team members, which are of great importance to the success of the project.

Our team is involved right from the start of the project, analyzing the execution planning as part of the preparation of performance specifications and identifying potentials as well as risks. In the end, these measures not only have a positive effect on the construction process, but also provide greater scope for taking the client's wishes and needs into account during the construction process.

Within the scope of project awarding and the selection of project partners, we attach great importance to finding the best solution for our clients up to the technically and contractually secured award of contract.

The construction management of WBRE GmbH stands for an efficient holistic handling of the construction project.

Already at the time of the preparation of the specifications and before the project is awarded, our project team draws up a detailed construction schedule and plans the construction site equipment as well as the operation of the construction site. On-site construction supervision ensures that the work is carried out according to plan, coordinates all parties involved and monitors the technical and scheduling processes, taking into account the contractual specifications.

Weekly construction meetings, record keeping and documentation of the construction process, constant presence and availability, target-performance comparison of costs and deadlines, timely countermeasures in case of irritations with regard to costs and deadlines as well as defect prevention instead of defect documentation play a central role.

The construction management of WBRE GmbH stands for an efficient overall handling of the construction project and for the control of costs, deadlines and execution qualities up to the handover and commissioning of the object in due time.


  • Construction management
  • Awarding
  • Object supervision