WBRE combines many years of expertise in project and construction management with requirements sustainability standards, social justice and and successful corporate governance - ESG. Thereby we provide with our team and our DGNB auditors and ESG managers all services from a single source.


With us sustainability becomes
in the construction project is

- important from the very beginning,
- pursued in all service phases,
- and implemented in the execution.

By providing support right from the early stages, we create projects of high quality and stable value. We keep an eye on the careful use of resources and the reduction of emissions throughout all project phases. We provide advice right from the start of the project and support you in defining clear sustainability goals and strategies, and in pursuing and adhering to these throughout the course of the project. In addition, we certify your project. In Germany, there is a link between the EU taxonomy as a framework for sustainable investments within the EU and building certifications, as some building certification systems, such as that of the DGNB, take the taxonomy criteria into account and include them in their assessments.

By using the EU taxonomy criteria, we can ensure for investors and owners of buildings that they make sustainable investment decisions while complying with the requirements of the EU taxonomy.


We accompany with our team, among other things, the certification processes of the labels DGNB (including QNG) and LEED during the planning and construction phase, in order to realize the greatest possible added value with regard to the individually set sustainability goals.

We can provide the following services, among others:

Pre-check (kick-off phase) with definition of targeted quality standards in a target agreement, certification support (planning phase, execution phase and submission phase), ESG due diligence, basis for subsequent reporting and certification, life cycle assessments/LC (life cycle analysis) and building resource passports, Check of emissions and resource consumption, subsidy consulting, cost and schedule impacts, EU taxonomy consulting, preparation of tenant guides, life cycle costing, building ecology monitoring/product testing, preparation of component catalog, deconstruction and recycling concept. With these services, we help to increase the value of the property, improve energy and resource management and enhance the quality of life of the users.