Thomas Stüwe

FÜRST Interview

Together with Jürgen Wodianka, General Manager Construction Engineering, we are looking after FÜRST Berlin. Jürgen Wodianka is responsible at the Cells Group for the supervision of construction activities for existing properties as well as for the planning and implementation of projects.


Thomas Stüwe: How did the cooperation with us come about?

Jürgen Wodianka: Through a mutual contact, Wolfgang Viel from the office Teuber+Viel in Munich, you were recommended for the construction management of the new hall for Zweirad Stadler in Bremen. This is where we gained our first joint experience.

Stüwe: Oh yes, in my old home country we built the 8,750 m² hall building on a length of 200 m and 40 m width. And on the approximately 5,300 m² sales floor, I've even picked out a bicycle for my son.

Wodianka: Well, we've really stepped up our game a bit now.

Stüwe: That's right. With the FÜRST we are rather at 200,000 m². But what does FÜRST stand for?

Wodianka: The best location in the middle of Berlin's boulevards Kurfürstendamm. We are developing a combination of first-class uses that reinforce each other. We are building a glamorous architectural statement with public car parking spaces and a high quality of stay.

Stüwe: What do you mean by versatile uses?

Wodianka: The FÜRST consists of several assets. For example, a boutique hotel is being built with 151 rooms, restaurants, bars and large conference areas. For our little ones, we are building a kindergarten on more than 1,200 m² with terrace areas. Childcare is a top priority at the FÜRST - even on weekends. At three locations we offer office space with a total of 250,000 m². The 7,000 m² of terrace space belonging to the offices guarantee the best prospects of success; the co-working spaces are ideally equipped for events of all kinds.


Stüwe: But that's not all, is it?

Wodianka: Of course not. Selected stores for a special shopping experience are being built on an area of around 7,000 m². Both our office users and external guests will find their energy in a large fitness studio covering around 4,000 m².

Stüwe: At this location, at Kurfürstendamm 206-209, there is already a place steeped in history. Will it remain?

Wodianka: Yes, of course. "The Story of Berlin" is an integral part of our concept. It is important to us to experience history. For this reason, the stage of the "Komödie am Kurfürstendamm" with 600 seats will remain home.

Stüwe: That really makes you hungry for the project!

Wodianka: That's a good keyword, because of course we're also building a restaurant with terraces for a wide variety of tastes. Those who prefer to cook for themselves can experience the corresponding shopping fun in our supermarket.

Stüwe: Who designed the building, which fits harmoniously into the urban environment?

Wodianka: The design is by Kleihues + Kleihues. Jan Kleihues and Götz Kern have succeeded, as you rightly say, in harmoniously integrating the design into the urban environment and yet setting new accents. Horizontal and vertically structured facades, on which a subtle and lively play develops, vaguely suggest the structure of the static construction. The chosen materiality generates both grace and better energy efficiency.