Veterinary Center for Resistance Research

Construction management

State of Berlin, represented by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing

Gerber Architekten

7.600 m²

Completion: 2022

Procurement procedure:
Construction work: public tender of all individual trades
Planning service: VOF procedure with five invited architectural offices

The Veterinary Center for Resistance Research (TZR) is a research center established by the state of Berlin with federal funding at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the
Free University of Berlin. The main purpose of the TZR is the research in all aspects of the resistance issue in veterinary medicine, including the impact of the research results on human medicine and environmental protection. The new building erected for this purpose is embedded in the Campus for veterinary medicine in the tranquil green outskirts of
Berlin. The three-story new building consists of an animal husbandry area a laboratory area and offices. In addition a good 50 % of the space is used for building services. The work areas of the building are strongly secured as genetic engineering laboratories of security level S2, while the public areas are light with an inviting design. An open foyer with a cascade staircase provides access to the various areas. Interdisciplinary research buildings of this type are prototypes. The technical requirements are highly specific, because basic research is a very dynamic field with a lot of change. Accordingly, the development and production of such a building is also an experiment, the success of which will will only be proven in operation. After the planning and construction process came to a standstill in the mid-2020 and the cooperation between the architects, the technical
and the construction companies no longer functioned, the state of Berlin and the Senate Administration for Urban Development, Construction and Housing asked WBRE to continue the project together with Kondius AG in order to enable the planned completion. Following the award of a new contract for the planning and construction management of the technical fit-out, it has been possible to coordinate the construction with the companies already working on the project and thus to completion by April 2022.