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caspar.schmitzmorkramer GmbH & STEAM Architekten

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In the new hotspot Düsseldorf-Heerdt, the two project developers for the project developers bema Group and ABG Real Estate Group complex consisting of a double-brand hotel, offices and a multi-storey parking lot. The total investment volume amounts to around 110 million euros. Under our management, a six-story office building is being built for the clients. office building. The design by caspar.schmitzmorkramer provides for a striking building with an elegant black facade black facade and rounded edges. The DGNB pre-certified office building (DGNB Gold certification is being certification) is characterized by a clear façade grid with floor-to-ceiling windows. With floor-to-ceiling windows and features an attractive
attractive panoramic roof terrace around the fifth-floor stack. On the fifth floor. Inside, it offers flexible spaces with plenty of design scope - from individual, group or team offices to the implementation of to the implementation of innovative new-work concepts. The first floor, which is also suitable for commercial or gastronomic use, has two main entrances with separate addresses. The planning was done with the help of modern 3D BIM technology. On the approximately 4,410m² plot of land on Schiessstraße there will also be an elevated garage with a total of 462 parking spaces, some with e-charging stations. The parking garage is aimed at both office building tenants and hotel guests. The project supervision for the office building and the multi-storey parking lot is carried out by us. The shell of the Trigon has already been completed, and completion of the buildings is scheduled for the first quarter of planned for the first quarter of 2023. Shortly after completion of the shell the occupancy rate was already 90%.