Depots & Werkstätten


BBL M-V, Geschäftsbereich Schwerin

ARGE Scheidt Kasprusch - Becker Architekten BDA, Berlin

31.075 m²

2017 - 2020

Award procedure:

The new building at Ostorfer See, which is currently being planned for the State Office for the Preservation of Culture and Monuments and the State Museum in Schwerin, is intended to set standards for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in terms of sustainability. The aim is to achieve the Silver Standard of the Sustainable Building Assessment System (BNB), which has been mandatory for federal buildings for some time and is now increasingly being included at state and municipal level. energum is supporting the client and the planners in the realization of the winning design that emerged from the Europe-wide architectural competition. The basis is a pre-check to examine the individual criteria and to evaluate the preliminary design as a whole, as well as a target agreement on all sustainability criteria. On this basis, concrete and project-specific specifications can be defined at a very early planning stage in order to achieve the desired certification goal with a reasonable amount of effort.