Cost supervision, tendering, award of contract, supervision

Robert Vogel GmbH & Co. KG

Tim Hupe Architekten, Hamburg

approx. 5.450m²

Completion 2018 - 2019

Award procedure:

On the property Winterhuder Hofweg No. 94, approx. 60 residential units will be added to the existing 84 rental apartments. The existing ground-floor commercial use in the basement will also be supplemented by another commercial unit.

In contrast to the dominating verticality of the two high-rise buildings (Hofweg 95-96 by W. Kallmorgen and the neighboring 9-story building Hofweg 88-89), the design envisions an elongated, horizontal new building.

For the redensification, a two-story commercial building from 1981, which was subsequently added to the building by W. Kallmorgen, as well as an underground parking garage on the rear courtyard lot will be demolished. The new building moves with a 5-story "head" to the long straight lines of the courtyard path coming from the south; however, it remains set back from the building line of the existing building by ~1.90m.

In the depth of the courtyard, it is composed of interlocking but geometrically clearly ordered structures. The new building is staggered back from 5 to 3 stories. Differentiated outdoor spaces are created in relation to the existing buildings. The rhythm of the existing balconies is reflected in the widening between old and new. The structuring of the new building, which is approx. 60m long, allows for the legibility of individual building volumes and thus a clear assignment of building entrances and addresses.

"The new building adopts the materiality of the adjacent existing buildings in its façade."

The standoff areas of the three- to five-story development are entirely on their own property. There is a slight overlap of setback areas in the northeast and northwest areas to the existing development. The fire fighting area is arranged parallel to the houses 94a and 94b, directly at the southern property line.

The access to the one-story underground parking garage is also located along here; the ramp is arranged parallel to the courtyard path development in the back of the commercial unit. The gardens to the south of the residential development remain unaffected by access and egress traffic. Most of the courtyard lot will be underbuilt for the garage. It offers space for approx. 45 parking spaces, as well as tenant cellars including bicycle storage facilities and the rooms for the technical building equipment.

The highest floor with common rooms is at +12.60m OKFF. The new building thus corresponds to building class IV. The floor plans are organized on the standard floor as a 4-unit building. Parts of the 4th floor are accessed via internal staircases from the 3rd floor and are combined into maisonettes.