Project management and management

Kabs Immobilien Invest I GmbH

SKAI Architekten

20 000 m²

Completion 2022

Award procedure:

"Miles" - the naming results from the immediate proximity to the Herold Center. In the Middle Ages, the herald was an official messenger of a feudal lord and was responsible, among other things, for identifying soldiers by their coats of arms during war. The term "Miles" comes from Latin and means warrior or soldier. Thus, the project name picks up the central idea and at the same time the biggest challenge of the project development - the development of a utilization concept that is not perceived as a competitor but rather as a complement to the Herold Center. The Herold-Center and the planned object are in direct interaction with each other, thus serving each other mutually. On the one hand, the existing pedestrian frequency of the neighboring Herold Center has a positive effect on the planned retail space, and on the other hand, the Herold Center can gain additional customers through the planned project, both due to the complementary retail space and the planned apartments.

The existing buildings, a furniture store and a residential building from the 1970s, will be completely demolished. A new building with two underground and seven above-ground floors will be constructed. The use concept calls for a residential and commercial property with small-scale retail use on the first floor, residential use on the upper floors, and parking for the retail and apartments.

WBRE has been involved in the project since hour zero as the developer's representative. Starting with a feasibility study, which includes an analysis of the site and the market as well as the creation of a utilization concept, the current focus is on creating building rights. The analysis of the current building law has shown that the planned project contradicts the stipulations of the current development plan and is therefore not within the scope of the development plan.
For this reason, it is planned to amend and extend the existing, inadequate building law by means of a project-related development plan. Once the development plan has been approved and adopted, the building application can be submitted. Once a legally binding building permit has been issued, nothing more stands in the way of realizing the project.