"WBRE takes a holistic approach to initiation, development and governance."

WBRE sees itself as a direct representative of the client in commercial and technical matters. In this respect, economic thinking and action within the framework of an assertive, experienced team are at the forefront of all our projects. WBRE relieves the client of all delegable tasks and consistently stands up for his interests.

In doing so, we support the client in the decision-making process and make clear recommendations. In advance, we define all quantitative and qualitative project goals as well as project specifications with our clients, which we then fully control and coordinate throughout the entire project duration. However, these are not rigidly accepted, but implemented in such a way that a technically optimal product is always generated.

WBRE takes a holistic approach to the initiation, development and management of construction projects. We have long-standing, close relationships with specialist planners, authorities and construction companies, whose networking and close involvement form part of our corporate culture and ensure efficient as well as targeted action.

As a rule, we also act as the main contact for coordination of any kind. We accompany construction projects from the initiation phase through the actual construction phase to the operating phase. Our team is characterized by extensive know-how in both the technical and commercial areas. Cost controlling, planning optimization, schedule preparation as well as quality assurance on the construction site are our daily business. In doing so, we always keep an eye on securing budgets and meeting deadlines. Regular reports and documentation provide information about the project status.


  • Efficient team
  • Interface-free coordination
  • Well-established partnerships