"Our specialties are technical and commercial management and the individual handling of each project's purchase and lease agreements."

In the context of condominium development and construction, we have found that without professional buyer management, the necessary coordination between developers, buyers, planners and contractors rarely occurs. The complexity, which increases with the size of the project and the scope of individual purchase contracts and special buyer requests, is often underestimated by the developers. Contradictions between the purchase contract, special request agreements, planning and construction can then lead to considerable additional expense and loss of time.

WBRE can offer customized buyer management here, depending on the requirements. For this purpose, we use the available know-how from the areas of project development, project management, planning and construction management.

WBRE's buyer management represents the interests of the developer vis-à-vis the buyers and will, in individual communication with the latter, deepen the planning of his property ready for execution. Any special request agreements are technically and commercially prepared and documented by the buyer management.

The buyer management accompanies the buyers during the entire construction process and remains the main contact for all technical and commercial questions.

Quality assurance and the associated defect management play a central role.

The buyer management team also coordinates and schedules the acceptance and handover of special and common property. Thus, everything is in one hand and guarantees the developer the successful completion of his project. For the "Metropol Park" project completed in 2019, for example, more than 120 purchase agreements were managed, professionally coordinated and successfully accepted and handed over by WBRE's buyer management.


  • Technical Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Special request management