Railroad station Mölln

For the station building in Mölln, which was built in 1898, WBRE's first task was to develop a suitable utilization concept. The station building had not been used as such for a long time, but until recently housed a kiosk and a restaurant.

The new utilization concept envisages a retail use with a local supply function that is to cover the daily needs of the Möllner population and, in particular, the users of the station. After an extensive study of variants, the variant that is to be realized is the one that in a certain way brings the "old" station back to life.
The half-timbered wall on the platform side, which was built in 1980, will be demolished and the original roofed waiting area will be restored. In this area, space will be created for waiting rail passengers or for seating for the customers of the planned bakery.

After successful preparation of the utilization concept, WBRE is now also responsible for project management as well as service phases 7 and 8 of the HOAI. The gutting work is in full swing. The building application has been filed and the building permit is expected to be issued shortly.